By KJ Ryan and Jordan Arheart / Staff Writers

Most people would think being locked in their house wouldn’t be such a bad thing because they have sports to keep them entertained.

However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this means all of their favorite athletes are staying home as well. People aren’t going to be seeing any sports as regularly as they used to.

The sports world may still have one savior, and that savior comes in the form of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC President Dana White planned to put on the biggest card of the year with UFC 249, and it would have happened on April 18. It was going to take place on an Native American reservation, at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California.

However, higher powers came in and told White to stand down and save the card for later. 

White is determined and said that he will be back to the reservation to put on a show at a later date, as the owners of the reservation were nothing short of amazing for White and his team.

This delay will not stop White, as he has said numerous times that he is going to get a private island and put on the fights anyways. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense, right?

Surprisingly, it’s not at all.

White is serious about getting a private island and getting his fighters out there to put on a show. That is something an actual mad man would do.

The UFC doing this type of thing shouldn’t surprise any long-time fight fan. For the longest time, not just the UFC, but Mixed Martial Arts as a whole has been looked at as a sport that goes against the grain.

It’s like the bad boy of sports. It consists of men and women beating each other up for the enjoyment of others. MMA is the definition of modern-day gladiators. White has never, and will never, be the clean-cut president of the company like Roger Goodell is for the NFL as commissioner.

White will critique anyone and gladly use a bunch of cuss words while he does it. Hell, he’ll even buy his own private island to put on shows for the fans during a pandemic.

MMA fans will see where this goes, as White has said recently, he is planning on continuing UFC 249 on May 9, with a location to be decided on.

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