By Emily Branson / Staff writer

When putting together any type of publication, it usually takes quite a few people to make everything work. However, that is not the case for The Tulgey Wood at Hutchinson Community College. 

The Tulgey Wood is a magazine that is compiled of art and literature that is sent in by students at HutchCC.

Hannah Knoche, Abbyville sophomore and Editor In Chief for the publication, has been the only student on staff for the last two years. Knoche reads through the submissions that students submit and then puts together the magazine.

“I receive submissions from students, and then I go through and read the poems and short stories,” Knoche said. “I send them back if they need grammar or spelling corrections. Once I receive final drafts, I start putting together the magazine.”

The Tulgey Wood has been a positive impact for Knoche, who enjoys reading through all of the unique submissions.

“This magazine is a great way for students to share and express their ideas and talents,” Knoche said. “I find it very fun to get to look at so many amazing submissions and share them with our school.”

While Knoche only assembles the magazine with HutchCC English Professor Dan Pohl, The Tulgey Wood has helped her get to know many students at HutchCC and helped her gain knowledge about editing stories and publications.

“This experience has connected me with other students,” Knoche said. “I was able to learn how to edit and create a publication.”

With a crew of only two people, it requires hard work and understanding of the literature to create a magazine for a college. However, The Tulgey Wood has successfully been able to share students’ written pieces and artwork to the student body and staff at HutchCC. The magazine publishes usually in late April or early May.

“It took a lot of dedication to find submissions and have the literature knowledge to be able to make the best choices for the magazine,” Knoche said.

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