By Bailey Young / Staff Writer

I am one week and one day into self-quarantine, and, like many others, I am so bored.

I was sick with a viral infection two days before my work shut down, and with a weak immune system, I have been cautious enough to avoid leaving my house – even for the Taco Bell drive-through. 

In another week or so, my immune system will be strong enough to brave public air, but I can’t imagine how it must feel for someone with a weak immune system, no matter what they do or how long they stay in their house.

With that said, I’m dedicated to staying home to help those immunocompromised persons and create a safe world for them to go out in again. So, I decided to compile a list of anything we could do to entertain ourselves:

  • I don’t know about you, but whenever I complained that I was bored, my mom could always come up with something around the house for me to do. Now is a great time to trade out your winter wardrobe for some of your spring and summer pieces.
  • Complete all those projects you’ve been putting off. Repaint your walls, reorganize your kitchen, rearrange your furniture. 
  • Take some you time. With time off work and school for most of us, we finally have time to relax. Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee every day, read a good book just for fun, paint your nails, or complete a puzzle you haven’t had time to do yet. 
  • Further your faith. If you’re a spiritual person, or even if you’re curious, now is a great time to put everything aside and delve deeper. Read your favorite version of the Bible (or whatever spiritual book you want), tune into an online worship or church service, or watch a faith-filled movie. 
  • Online window shop. This is a great way to pass the time, and if you’ve got enough willpower you won’t have to spend any money.
  • Get your homework done. There’s finally enough time to stress a little less, and not wait until 10 p.m. on the night it’s due to get it done. 
  • Binge watch some Netflix or Hulu shows. You can spend hours staring at the TV watching “Stranger Things” or “Love is Blind” and not even realize it. I’m personally really into classics right now and have been watching “I Love Lucy” on Hulu. 
  • Play a board game. My family and I have played Monopoly at least 6 times and it’s getting old, but if you haven’t tried that yet, it may keep you entertained for a few days.
  • Try out some new recipes. I know everyone is supposed to be stockpiling, but I’m sure you could spare some flour and sugar and whip up a delicious pie or some other sweet. 
  • Get on twitter and join a debate. It’s easy and cheap entertainment. 
  • And, if all else fails, make a TikTok.

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