By Bailey Young
Staff writer

In the time of social media, I urge you all to do your own research. There is so much more information beneath all of these quotes, and there is so much misinformation on the Internet right now that everyone is losing their minds. The fact is that we don’t know all the facts. Until we do, we’re sitting ducks.

My advice to you: avoid the panic, do the research, and please avoid hoarding or slinging toilet paper.

 “I heard the virus was engineered by scientists in China in a lab and it accidentally got loose.”

“I heard that the Chinese scientists released the virus on purpose to control the population.”

“I heard that the virus was a result of Asian people eating bats.”

“I heard that the virus only affects the elderly and people with weak immune systems and isn’t any worse than the average flu.”

“I heard that America is using this virus as a distraction from politics.”

“I heard the democrats are able to rig the election because the virus is a good distraction from what they’re doing.”

“I heard President Trump has coronavirus because he’s been shaking people’s hands.”

“I heard that martial law is going to be impressed upon the American people if people don’t start self-quarantining like the government is asking.”

“I heard all the guns are selling out because people want to be able to defend themselves if martial law is enforced.”

“I heard there were only 200 cases in the United States.”

“I heard the virus is airborne and anyone can get it now.”

“I heard a 21-year old didn’t know he had leukemia and he got the virus and died.”

“I heard pets can contract and spread the virus.”

“I heard that pregnant women can get the virus and then give it to their baby.”

“I heard that a baby was born with the virus.”

“I heard that a baby survived the virus after 14 days with no treatment.”

“I heard the virus stays in the air for 10 hours and stays on surfaces for three days.”

“I heard there is a case in Wichita.”

“I heard someone in Kansas died from the virus.”

“I heard the guy who died in Kansas, lived in the same county as my grandparents.”

“I heard everyone is buying toilet paper, baby wipes, frozen foods, canned foods, etc. because they think we’re all going to be forced to be quarantined for weeks.”

“I heard people are selling toilet paper on Facebook marketplace.”

“I heard that people are killing people in grocery stores because there aren’t enough supplies for everyone.”

“I heard stores are starting to ration out products.”

“I heard that Dollar General is letting senior citizens shop by themselves for the first hour of business to make sure they stay safe.”

“I heard Amazon is suspending all shipment of unnecessary goods.”

“I heard that President Trump is closing the border to China and leaving American people at risk in China.”

“I heard that President Trump is closing the border to Europe and Prince Harry is not happy about it.”

“I heard the U.S./Canada border was closed yesterday.”

“I heard Tom Hanks and his wife have coronavirus.”

“I heard Textron in Wichita is laying off 7,000 people.”

“I heard that the masks and gloves people wear in airports don’t actually do anything.”

“I heard airplanes have only been filled to 30% capacity, and flights are cheap, and that they’re being cancelled.”

“I heard that anyone who travels has to self-quarantine for 14 days after they return.”

“I heard Governor Kelly suspended K-12 school for the rest of the year.”

“I heard that our job is talking about closing, but I don’t know if we’re getting paid time off.”

“I heard that we can’t have gathering of more than 250 people.”

“I heard that we can’t have gatherings of more than 50 people.”

“I heard that we can’t have gathering of more than 10 people.”

“I heard that we’re in a recession.”

“I heard that the stock market crashed in the first hour on Monday morning and had to take a 15-minute time out.”

“I heard that the stock market is crashing.”

“I heard that it’s a good time to invest.”

“I heard that President Trump is sending $1,000 to all of the U.S. citizens to help with the impact of the virus.”

“I heard that the federal government just randomly came up with over a trillion dollars to give everyone.”

“I heard that Vanessa Hudgens said it was inevitable for people to die and Coachella shouldn’t be cancelled because of it.”

“I heard gas is really affordable right now.”

“I heard Wuhan, China closed its last temporary hospital, and everyone is returning to normal life.”

“I heard the elderly are deathly afraid to leave their houses right now.”

“I heard the elderly in Italy are being left to die.”

“I heard people are running out of supplies and tests to take care of people.”

“I heard that America now has more than 13,000 cases of covid-19.”

Bailey Young is a Sedgwick freshman studying Early Childhood Education.

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