By Jake Brown / Staff Writer

There are things that I don’t want to hear. I simply will avoid hearing them.

It is something that I try to do, specifically within the last week. I couldn’t escape it this time however. This past week has been the most eventful week that I have ever been through. I’m sure it is that way for almost everyone in our country. I am witnessing people going through things that I never imagined anyone would ever go through. We are in a pandemic, no way around it. Doing normal life stuff is simply kind of on halt.

As this pertains to myself, I was essentially robbed of my second year of college baseball and getting to do things that actually mean quite a bit to me. Playing, hanging out with friends from different regions of the country, getting to go to newspaper class every other day. It’s an abrupt end to things that truly made life great.

Teammates I will rarely see again, some of my best friends, people I never imagined being friends with, are gone. Getting closure on what this baseball season could have entailed, gone. Fellow students at school, the reason college is so different, gone. Just a bad situation. 

There are reasons to be happy though. I get an extra year of eligibility to play college baseball (again). Meaning, I will be a two-time redshirt freshman in a sense – a Super Duper Freshman. Pretty funny. I am also getting the opportunity to work more while between school years. Sick. More sleep. Oh yeah. Not having to see Denny Stoecklein, the wonderful Director of Marketing and Communications for HutchCC. Sign me up.

Point is, it is time to say goodbye to some people, routines, etc. But stay happy and look at the bright side of everything, then go after that bright side. The bright side is always there.

Jake Brown is a Buhler sophomore in General Studies. He’s also a pitcher for the Blue Dragon baseball team.

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