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In honor of National Women’s Month, we want to walk through how much women have accomplished over the years and how they continue to push past sexist actions to be equal.

It’s crazy to say that just 100 years ago, women won the right to vote in the United States. It was the first big step in gaining equal rights. Voting is such an important right to have and to think that powerful women before us didn’t get to participate is mind-blowing.

In 1963, women won the right to equal pay. This is still a fight in today’s society, but it’s one that women are still fighting for. It’s weird to think that equal pay isn’t just common sense. A woman and a man can do the same work, why shouldn’t they be paid the same?

“The first woman” phrase is one that sparks joy in hearts. It’s something that is coming late but is finally being done through hard work and drive. So many influential women have made history and paved a way for future women to succeed.

Without them, women would still be fighting for equal rights that should have already been accepted. They stepped foot in the battle of change, knowing they would face criticism and bigotry.

Women still have a long way to go in the fight for continued equal rights. There are a lot of people that still believe women are the homemakers and only tend to the house and kids. Joke’s on them. Women will stand for nothing less than equality and basic human rights.

Those who have come before us took the first step, women will continue up the mountain, lots of women today are trekking harder than ever before and leading us to the peak. It will be a battle, one that women will fight for a long time, but the more they persevere, the better life will be for future female generations.

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