Compiled by Laci Sutton and Emily Branson

Dana Sneed
Job title: Endowment Association Projects Coordinator.
Where are you from: Nickerson.
Alma mater: Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Art.
Duties: The Hutchinson Community College Endowment Association is responsible for raising funds to make it more affordable for students to attend HutchCC.
Woman role model: My mom.
Why you chose her: My role model has always been my beautiful mother. She has always been the rock of our family. Growing up most of the time moms are taken for granted. They are always just there with the right words to say, the small tokens to make you feel better when you are having a bad day or to help you celebrate a great accomplishment. Since my mom has been diagnosed with onset dementia, that mom that had the answer for everything and was my superhero is slowly fading away. Soon my memories will be all that I have. I cherish each and every one I have of her.
What should people know about you and your job: I truly have the best job ever! Our HutchCC students are amazing.
What do you aspire to be or do?: I aspire to always be a positive influence in lives of the people I meet. You never know when your smile or a kind word can change the outcome of a person’s day. I aspire to always listen and never judge. We never know what a person is truly.

Tricia Paramore
Job title: Department Chair for the Natural Science, Social Science, and Mathematics Dept.
Where are you from: Hutchinson
Alma mater: University of Kansas (BS, MS), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PhD).
Duties: I teach biology courses, build the schedule of courses for the department, manage the department budget, evaluate faculty, etc.
Women role models: My mom is the obvious role model because of her gifts of caregiving and truly considering the needs of others before herself. I also admire my daughter who possesses terrific strength of mind and body. If you were to meet her in a class, you’d think she’s an intelligent, beautiful young woman with a fun sense of humor. But if you were to meet her in a competition of any kind, you’d see a fierce and focused competitor with such grit. She’s one of the first to stand up for someone who needs help and she’s a walking pep talk when you really one. I also admire so many of my female (and male) colleagues who are juggling work and parenting and life and doing it so well.
Advice for young women entering the workforce: Find what makes you happy and commit to it. A great career/job isn’t always about the money. You have to consider what factor(s) are most important to you in a career/job and then go find it. Ultimately, your happiness is in your control, not someone else’s.

Kim Newberry
Job title: Sociology Professor.
Where are you from: I’m from multiple places, but Kansas is the state I have lived in the longest.
Alma mater: I went to Louisiana State University for my B.S. and to Kansas State for my M.A.
Women role models: My mom and Rosa Parks.
Why you chose those women: My mom is the coolest and most laid-back, loving, caring, and giving person I know. I hope to one day be like her. Rosa Parks because as a minority woman she stood up for herself. She was fighting discrimination all over the place by refusing to give up her seat. Such a brave act.
What should people know about you and your job: Teaching is a lot harder than it looks. I essentially put on a “show” every single class period. But, I put on the show to hopefully spark an interest in my discipline and to create a lasting memory.
Advice for young women entering the work force: Do what makes YOU happy, not what others tell you should make you happy. And start saving now.
What you love about your job: My students are the best part of my job.
What do you aspire to be or do?: I strive to be the best human, teacher, mom, wife, daughter, and friend I can possibly be.

Cindy Hoss
Job title: Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Where are you from: Kansas.
Alma mater: University of Nebraska.
Duties: I work with seven Department Chairs in five departments who lead HutchCC academic/technical programs in cooperation with faculty.
Women role models: There are so many – Toni Morrison, author; Oprah Winfrey, media mogul and philanthropist; Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel; Temple Grandin, animal expert and advocate; Eleanor Roosevelt, politician, diplomat, author; Condoleezza Rice, first female African-American Secretary of State; Tina Fey, comedienne; Amal Clooney, civil rights advocate; Pearl Buck, author; Anita Diamant, author; Willa Cather, author; Jodi Picoult, author; Joan Didion, literary journalist/novelist; Mary Queen of Scots; Arundhati Roy, author.
Why you chose those women: For their courage, their ability to tackle difficult issues, their grace under pressure, their strength in making the world a better place to live.
What advice do you have for young women entering the workforce: Grow a tough skin and be ready for change.
What do you love about your job: Every day is just a little different.
What do you aspire to be or do: Still would like to write a book or two; and still have a few more places to travel in the world.

Robin Woodworth
Job title: Administrative Assistant to the President / Coordinator of Dillon Lecture Series.
Where are you from: Houston, Texas.
Alma mater: Texas Tech University.
Duties: Manage the business affairs of the President’s office.
Woman role model: My grandmother.
Why you chose her: She was a very smart and independent career woman in the ’60s (which was unusual for a divorced woman with five grown children). She was financially savvy and retired comfortably. She loved her family and always put them first (and I was her favorite!)
What should people know about you and your job: I have a BFA in Interior Design, which I worked in the field for eight years before having a family. Although I don’t work in the field in which I have a degree these days, I try to use the concepts of design and creativity every day in my job. It’s a good compromise, there aren’t many interior design opportunities in Hutchinson.
What advice do you have for young women entering the workforce: Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are passionate about it. Do what makes you happy, and don’t settle for less.
What do you love about your job: No two days are ever the same, which makes the job interesting. I genuinely like the people I work closely with and HutchCC really is a great place to work.

Cindy Keast
Job title: Director, HutchCC Endowment Association/Alumni & Friends.
Where are you from: Hutchinson.
Alma mater: Hutchinson Community College.
Duties: Build relationships with alumni, community members, businesses to provide scholarship opportunities for HutchCC students. Many more, but this is the main focus.
Women role models: Iris Grandestaff, my mother and Sharon Morgan, former co-worker at Pegues and friend mentor.
Why you chose these women: My mother for her strong work ethic and compassion for others. Sharon Morgan for ability to show me that everything is not black/white in situations; to look beyond and also compassionate.
What should people know about you and your job: Passionate about providing students the ability to receive an education for an affordable cost and care about HutchCC students as part of the Blue Dragon family.
What advice do you have for young women entering the workforce: To listen – this is very important in building relationships and in the work environment.
What do you love about your job: Helping students receive a quality education and developing new friendships.
What do you aspire to be or do: An individual who is there for family and friends.

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