By Tabitha Barr / Editor in Chief

I thought I had a pretty good handle on what I ate during my college years, but recently I’ve been making some pretty interesting choices for meals. I have a weird relationship with food anyway, as I’m either starving all of the time or not hungry at all. It’s hard knowing when and what to eat when my stomach can’t decide anything.

As your typical college student, I have a busy schedule that makes eating at a decent time hard to do. Between work and school, I’m deciding whether I need food or I need a nap. I usually have neither because I’m studying or I have other obligations that come first. And lately, my life has been more hectic than usual with finding something to eat while eating at an acceptable time.

I admit that I am more spoiled than most college students. I am fortunate enough to still live with my parents, and they actually still want to feed my hangry self.

Recently though, I’ve been dog sitting constantly and am finding the cold, hard truth that food is expensive as hell. Having a house practically to myself is quite nice. I don’t have to share one bathroom with three other people and I can walk around in my pajamas without the look of shame finding me. But finding food to eat that’s not junk food can be a challenge, especially for someone like me who can’t cook to save my life. No joke, I can’t even make mac and cheese without the water boiling over.

Frozen foods and pasta have become my best friends. I can plop it in the oven or the stove, watch a YouTube video, grab my food and start homework while I stuff my face.

Honestly, I am incredibly tired of pizza. It’s good, but it’s not something I want to have five out of the seven days of the week. Too much cheese. And if you think I’m joking about eating anything I can find, one night I literally had microwaved corn for dinner. There is video proof.

For breakfast, I might or might not be eating Girl Scout cookies. They won me over and I’m not ashamed.

Don’t even get me started on my coffee addiction to Scooters. I have to limit myself to one drink a week. I swear I have a problem, but there’s no way I’m giving it up. I am spending way too much on overpriced drinks, but I don’t care. So if anyone wants to give me a gift card to Scooters, I would greatly appreciate it.

I know it’s not healthy, but I’m already a potato. Might as well make it fun.

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