By Jared Shuff / Campus Editor

If you’re looking for some piano ballads you can listen to while crying in the car at midnight, look no further than Anson Seabra, a Midwest native who has made a name for himself on TikTok with his melancholic melodies. 

The 25-year-old songwriter has written multiple songs describing various heartbreaks, existential prompts, and wishful thoughts. Songs such as “That’s Us” and “Last Time” tie in together as messages of painful relationships that just can’t seem to end, with both parties knowing that it needs to.

Diving into the serious topic of mental health, “Broken” and “I Can’t Carry This Anymore” share the dark thoughts of a distraught mind drowning in loneliness. On a more hopeful note, Seabra’s song “Trying My Best” shows the perspective of someone that knows they are broken but is doing what they can to reach a better state of mind.

My favorite song of his, “Welcome to Wonderland,” recently gained quite a bit of traction after becoming part of a viral trend on TikTok. The song, depicting the wonders of living in Wonderland, was released back in 2018. However, due to its recent status as a TikTok trend, the song skyrocketed through both the iTunes and Spotify charts. 

Seabra also posts snippets of unreleased songs on his TikTok. Many fans ask if he’ll ever actually release them, a running joke among his fanbase. Given the seriousness in most of his music, it may surprise some to see the comedic TikToks that he’s posted on his page. Seabra knows how to make a great pun just as well as he can write a beautiful lyric. 

He also has a few videos explaining how TikTok has been shaping the music industry. In one of his videos, he gives a bit of perspective on the song “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas. He shows how the song went from fairly low streams to nearly four million a day, resulting in a nearly $16,000 paycheck each day for Zervas, not including any other song or outside source of income. Spotify pays an artist $4,000 for every one million streams. 

At the end of the video, Seabra jokingly asks for his fanbase to make one of his songs viral. It seems as though his fans have done just that.

Recently, Seabra has made visits to both New York City and Los Angeles to meet with record label executives. It may be the case that TikTok has brought to light another amazing talent. On your way to Wonderland, be sure to give Anson Seabra a listen.

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