By Jake Brown / Staff Writer

Early enrollment for currently enrolled Hutchinson Community College students begins March 2nd.

The importance of this date cannot be stated enough, for a slew of reasons. Getting ahead and planning out the next semester can sometimes help in the long run with some students.

Christopher Lau

“Students who plan ahead can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, in terms of completing requirements for graduation,” said Christopher Lau, Coordinator of Advising at HutchCC, “and this can serve as a motivation to do well and continue to put in the hard work now.”

Keeping up with what is going on takes a heavy burden off of students’ shoulders. Along with this, classes might fill up quickly – especially general education classes.

To ensure a spot in a particular class, it is imperative to get in as early as possible to get that possible seat.

Dan Naccarato

“It is always smart to enroll at the earliest opportunity,” said Dan “Coach Nac” Naccarato, a business instructor and advisor. “You are likely to get the schedule of courses you want while classes have open seats.”

To go along with this, Coach Nac also mentioned that not getting in early could mean that academic advisors might not be available, and a switch might have to be made, causing even more problems.

Early enrollment is pivotal in helping get required courses in and lets students get first dibs on classes the coming school year.

Get set up, and get your degree.

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