By Rachel Lyons / Staff Writer

January 9 marked the end to a 28-plus-year stint on the Hutchinson Community College Board of Trustees for Darrell Pankratz.

As a nine-year veteran of secondary education, being a trustee on the board allowed him the opportunity he desired to stay in education while serving the Hutchinson community.

Over the past 28-plus years, Pankratz said he had the privilege of working with both Edward Berger, the former HutchCC president, and Carter File, the current HutchCC president.

“They have led a great organization that is focused on being nimble, responsive, and accessible to students,” Pankratz said.

Over the years, Pankratz has found himself vouching for HutchCC as one of the best values in education in the state of Kansas and finds himself inspired by those who would be considered non-traditional students. It shows how taking the time for education at HutchCC can drive good change in an individual’s life.

Pankratz said he was incredibly grateful to the many faculty and staff he has met during his time at HutchCC.

“I have learned to know a number of instructors throughout my tenure,” Pankratz said. “I always feel a sense of commitment to learning and student success when visiting with faculty. Many great ones have retired, and they are missed. Fortunately, Hutchinson and HCC can attract quality educators, and the tradition continues.”

While Pankratz does acknowledge that there are still changes that need to be made, he upholds that his only regret is “I am not an alumnus, but maybe it’s not too late.”

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