By Tabitha Barr / Editor in Chief

It is the last day of January and it already feels like we’ve gone through hell and back. So many situations have happened in this first month of 2020, and I think we can all agree that someone stirred the pot, because things are spiraling out of control.

In the first few days of the new year, social media was blowing up with the possibility for World War III, based on the actions of our president. I don’t know who he is calling “we,” but I’m just trying to get through college without crying every day. I don’t have any time to fight in a war that I didn’t want in the first place.

The killing of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani fired up many and built even more tension between the United States and other countries. Missile strikes are on another level that could lead to more than protests.

Mother Nature reared her head hard as Australia started burning. These disasters have killed hundreds of people and animals and have displaced many more. Firefighters and law enforcement were working day in and day out to help minimize the damage. Some even lost their lives trying to save others.

However, when the rain started to fall in Australia, people jumped for joy. It was the savior that they were looking for. But with relief comes more fight. The rain was good until it came in waves. Australia then flooded and the disasters continued.

Apparently, excessive fire and rain weren’t enough for Mother Nature as she had to add in some shakey-shakes. They are rattling the whole world as Jamaica felt a 7.7. Natural disasters tend to make a chain reaction and it sure did as tsunami warnings were issued.

Earthquakes have been not only quaking the normal hotspots but have been hitting right here in Hutchinson.

I’m speaking for all Kansans when I say, “Leave us alone with the rumbles, we want our tornadoes back, boi.”

The United States has been using resources and troops over in Iran, fighting for several reasons, which the nation debates. The retaliation the U.S. is receiving has us all on our toes. It’s not a fun life when you’re wondering if a world war could start at any moment.

Global warming has been a hot topic – pun intended. In mid-January, scientists revealed that sea levels have risen even more. Our way of life is having horrible effects on our oceans and our world. Even as Greta Thunberg and other advocates have spoken up, the companies that are depleting our resources aren’t listening.

Mass shootings continue to happen in our nation and hurt so many lives. Even with many children dying, it seems that our country would still rather have the current unsafe gun laws. How sad is it to want to protect metal over flesh and blood?

To add to the damage humans beings are doing, our bodies decided to hype things up a little bit. The Coronavirus made an outbreak in China and has spread all over the world. The death toll is currently over 100 individuals and still spreading. I’ve heard some of my classmates say that they hope they get it so they don’t end up having to take their finals.

And, most recently, the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, and the seven other victims in the Los Angeles helicopter crash. The world is in mourning and people continue to grieve in various ways. I’m not much of a sports fan, not at all, but I do know that Bryant was a huge part of everyone’s life. And to have that big of a disaster with that many deaths, pained the entire world.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that the universe is trying to tell us something. I hope next month is better because your girl doesn’t want to cry more than she has to.

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