By Jake Brown / Staff Writer

There is a creature that is so phenomenally athletic that one must give pleasure to his senses with gameplay. He is simple, yet elegant, and to not give his low-resolution world a play would be a crime that is punishable by death.

Maybe not by death, but some form of public humiliation if caught. You know exactly what I am talking about.

“T-rex Run” is a game that was put into action by Google in 2014 when internet connection is not sufficient. To get it into action you must be disconnected from any internet connection. Next, you need to pull up the Google Chrome browser, and try to search for something, anything. After searching, the game will pop up and he is yours to control with a simple tap of the space bar or vertical arrow key.

The game is simple – jump over cacti or duck under pterodactyls, and just keep the dinosaur running. Not much action is required either – the up and down arrows on the keyboard are the only necessary controls.

To go along with this, the game will switch from day to night at periodic times, as well as progressively get faster, as to increase the difficulty. Not too much to it.

This simple game is known and beloved by so many people for the joy that it brings. When you are bored, just disconnect from the internet, and pop that bad boy up for a good time. A good time that is much better than other desirable experiences.

Girlfriend? No thank you, I would rather hangout with my dinosaur pal from a simple universe that was created by the big-bang of no internet connection.

Family? Absolutely not. If I wanted to hear about how my cousin Troy is doing at his new job at Best Buy, I would ask him. But I wouldn’t ask either.

Learning? Miss me with that, I have something that will teach me much more about athleticism, determination, and quality of life than school ever will.

If I had to tell you how many times in high school I, or one of my classmates, disconnected from the internet to play this game you would have a lot of moolah. I only say that because, quite frankly, it would be a vast fortune, and I do not care about totaling it up.

All jokes aside, the game is loved by many and for good reason. If you need a break from work or just bored, “T-rex” is something that gives you that time off to just breathe and not think about anything.

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