By Jared Shuff / Campus Editor

I have watched every single “Star Wars” movie, and have watched many of the different “Star Wars” television series.

After watching the galaxy far, far away for what seems like a long, long time, I have concluded that Star Wars is overrated .

At least, in my opinion, it is. I won’t go as far as to say everyone who likes Star Wars is wrong, but I can’t agree that it’s one of the best film series of all time. For me, one of the main issues with the series is the characters, at least one in particular.

Luke Skywalker has to be the whiniest, most annoying character in the history of film. It has to be the way they wrote the character because I know Mark Hamill is a great actor. However, I can’t stand Luke Skywalker as an individual. Hamill probably played him exactly how he was written, but he was written very, very badly.

Another issue I have with the series is the fanbase. If you are a “Star Wars” stan, you need to chill out. I swear, this fanbase is the most toxic fanbase I have ever seen. Nobody talks more trash on “Star Wars” than people who say they love “Star Wars.”

For example, when the prequel trilogy was released, the fanbase lost it over the character of Jar Jar Binks (a character that I think is kind of funny). The amount of hate that Ahmed Best, the actor who portrayed Jar Jar Binks, received after the release of “Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” made him consider taking his own life.

In the newest trilogy, Kelly Marie Tran, the actress that portrayed Rose Tico, has received numerous racist and sexist attacks from supposed “fans” of the film series, despite receiving praise from critics and audiences alike.

I have enjoyed the newest “Star Wars” movies more than I ever liked the originals. The chemistry between the characters are great, they don’t always take themselves too seriously, and they pull real-world issues into the plot.

I recently started watching “The Mandolorian”, and it’s honestly great. Of course, part of the reason I love it is because of Baby Yoda, the break-out star of the series.

My overall opinion is that “Star Wars” isn’t bad. It just isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. I’ll probably go watch the newest one, and I’ll probably like it. Of course, within a week of the movie’s release, all of the toxic “fans” of the series will be saying how horrible it was and how Disney has destroyed “Star Wars”.

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