By Bailey Pennycuff / Co-Sports Editor

Imagine being an athletic trainer – wrapping ankles, treating sore muscles, countless other duties. Then, imagine going out to football practice and practicing right alongside those same people you just treated.

That is just a glance at what freshman kicker Daniel Davila does on a daily basis.

Missing school for sporting events is stressful for most athletes, let alone athletes who must also travel. But for Davila, it is even more stressful. Not only does he have football practice and meetings, but must report to the training room two hours before practice to tend to his training duties.

Daniel Davila

“More than anything, it is very time consuming, and takes up most of my day. It makes it a bit difficult to stay caught up with school work, since some days I get very little free time,” Davila said.

He knows it is difficult to be involved in two activities, but he also knows he has help, as well as some great mentors.

“With the help of Ryan Hilty, Amanda Beadle and my coaches, I’ve been able to make things work and enjoy being a trainer and athlete,” Davila said.

However, being an athletic trainer and football player has also provided some benefits.

“One main positive is getting to meet a lot of new people, as well as athletes from other countries,” Davila said. “Another positive is that it allows me to be involved with my school. I am also now more responsible than I was before so that’s always a plus.”

Davila has known for some time that he wanted to pursue a career in athletic training. However, he has not always known about his passion for football.

“I’ve only played football for two years. I played club soccer for about 12 years, so I’ve been kicking a ball most of my life,” Davila said .

Around seven years ago is when Davila decided he wanted to work on the medical side of athletics, and he plans to continue this work.

“My overall goal within athletic training is to learn as much as I can and get experience for the future. I definitely see myself continuing to work in the sports medicine field,” Davila said.

Davila has also developed some personal goals for his football career as well.

“My overall goal in football this year was to be ready to do my job and score points whenever the team needed me, which I feel like I completed,” Davila said.

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