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What’s a better use of your time during a break from school than binging your favorite show? The answer is nothing. With Disney+ on the rise, I’m sure everyone was eager to get home last week and binge to their hearts desire, but in just one more week, we will have another break. A 30-day break to be exact. Imagine all the binging you could partake in when you’re not stressed about finals anymore.

With that being said, this break is around the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is still a fun season and a nice time to spend with family, friends and Netflix.

To me, the most satisfying feeling during any holiday is when you turn on the show you’ve been addicted to for the last few months, and the episode you’re watching is miraculously the same theme as the holiday you’re about to celebrate. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite holiday episodes of some of my most recommended television shows, but be careful – you might get addicted to these shows just as I have.

Gossip Girl – “It’s a Wonderful Lie” Season 2, Episode 12

If you’re into the drama, glitz, glam, and tragedy that comes with living on the Upper East Side then you’re in for a treat. A fraudulent marriage comes to an end when a car accident tears the short-lived romance apart. Amidst all that, the last snowflake ball for seniors is one to remember with the scheming high school sweethearts, Chuck and Blair, back at it again. Will you get hooked on this winter themed saga?

Friends – “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” Season 7 Episode 10

This episode is great for those who celebrate Hanukah and those who don’t. Trying to pass on traditions can be difficult to young kids who just want Santa Claus, but you have to applaud Ross’s effort. The adult comedy mixed with the child-like magic of Hanukah and Christmas makes this episode one for the books.

The Office – “Christmas Party” Season 2 Episode 10

The party planning committee really went all out with this one. (If you know, you know). The overzealous Michael Scott swoops in and delays the inevitable love story of Pam and Jim yet again. With being prepared for every possible disaster I don’t think anyone saw this coming. It’s the office party of our worst nightmares and our biggest dreams.

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