By: Emily Fehrman / Opinion Page Editor

 OK ladies and gents, let’s talk bathrooms. Here at Hutchinson Community College, they seem to be the worst. Well OK, I don’t live in the dorms so I don’t really know about those. 

Except the one time I was …which wasn’t a great experience. How hard is it to dispose of your feminine products? 

Trick question, it’s not hard.

Something that just makes me cringe is that we are all (assuming) over the age of 18, we are in COLLEGE y’all, and yet we still need to have those signs in the bathroom asking (more like begging us) to properly throw away used products. 

The amount of unneccesary access hair that lays around the floor? Awful, please stop brushing your hair at school … save that for home, I beg you. 

The last thing I want to do is go into the bathroom and walk out with a layer of hair that isn’t mine. It’s disgusting, truthfully. 

Bathroom etiquette is something I think a few have yet to understand. Please, please, please stop taking naked pictures of yourself in a public bathroom. 

I have walked in on three people taking them, and a few of my classmates were telling me they’ve been having the same run in. No one (other than the person you plan to send that to) wants to walk in unsuspecting and see that. 

I hate it when I go into the bathrooms and there are a million girls in there. If they were, I don’t know, actually using the toilets, it would be different. 

But no, they’re just standing around talking. Which wouldn’t bother me, talk all you want I don’t care.

It’s when they won’t even acknowledge that I’m there asking them if they’re in line or not. It’s not even a bathroom thing that’s just a mean girl thing. 

Please, for the love of all that is pure and holy, just flush the toilet after you’re done using it. Sometimes, you’ll walk in and every toilet has yet to be flushed. Is it because they just don’t want to look at it or deal with it? Now the rest of us are stuck with it. Things would just be easier if people were more considerate of each other.

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