Tips on getting caught up in, and the comfort knowing you’re not alone

By Bailey Young / Online Editor

At this point in the semester, Hutchinson Community College students only have a handful of class periods left. With that said, how many of them are behind or struggling with their courses?

This late into the semester is a pretty dreary time to be behind, but for most students with more priorities than just their GPA, it’s inevitable. 

HutchCC sophomore Jacob Hula said that he has always tried to stay on top of his classes because he doesn’t like the feeling of getting behind – something many students could empathize with. 

With classes seeming to drag closer to the end of the semester, professors may be feeling dispirited as well. 

They’re no strangers to that student who comes to them on the last day of the semester and asks for extra credit (don’t be that person). However, most professors do hold up their end of the bargain and care for the success of the students.

When asked if she felt like her professors would help her get caught up with her classes, Presley Barton, HutchCC freshman, replied with a quick and simple “Yes.”

Some students wouldn’t be so confident about that. 

“Depending on who they are,” Hula said. “Some professors not so much. Others will help you. The ones I have this semester definitely will.” 

It really does depend on the professor and the effort each student puts forth in the class, but that doesn’t stop the old question from being asked… do professors realize that they’re not the only ones giving us homework? 

Course load and the effort a student puts into their classes matters, but students who are just feeling overwhelmed need a bit of extra help than those who aren’t. For those students, the HutchCC Rimmer Student Learning Center offers free tutoring and help to any student seeking it.

Regardless of whether or not a student uses it, the resources are still important to know about and have on the backburner in case extra help is needed. Staying caught up with the amount of responsibilities students have is never easy, but Hula has some tips for making it easier.

“I’d say take breaks and have self-control,” Hula said. “Turn on some music and just do what you’ve got to do, but don’t wait until the last second to get it all done. It’s better to get it done sooner than later.”

With that advice and the resources HutchCC provides, students who put their minds to it could get all caught up and stay on track until the end of finals week. 

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