By: Emily Fehrman / Opinion Page Editor

When the christmas season is upon us, all of it attributes come with it. The music, the lights and decorations, and clothes. The ugly Christmas sweaters, warm fuzzy/comfy socks …also fuzzy (and non-fuzzy) *Christmas themed* socks, and the comfortable fleece or fuzzy pants.

The day my roommates and I moved into our house November first, one of them said “alright now we have to start decorating for christmas.” After the rest of us rejected the idea like a short teenage boy at a school dance, they moved the date till at least after my birthday (for my sake) on the twelfth.

 I hadn’t actually played any Christmas music out loud until after November first, but in my head? I’ve had the music going since before Halloween. Not even by my own will, I don’t understand it but every year Christmas music gets stuck in my head SUPER early, but as soon as Christmas Day is over?? No more music for me.

Clothes on the other hand are different. As soon as Halloween is over I am pulling out all of my Christmas related clothing.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters and tall fuzzy socks are my guilty pleasure. I will try and hold onto wearing all my Christmas season clothes until mid January…maybe a little longer than that. I continue to wear them until my friends just can’t take it any longer. 

My friends and family might be ashamed to walk around with me in festive attire in early February but I really don’t care. Because I’m not embarrassed, not even a little. 

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