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For college students, it can be difficult to find extracurricular activities that are both fun and beneficial to their major.

Some clubs give little room for creative thinking or exploration, but the Hutchinson Community College Biology Club is a way for students to get out and about, learn about the world, meet new people, and build relationships.

The student-led biology club is looking to gain a few more members to the club this school year. The club is sponsored by Mark Nolen and Ken Gaeddert, both Professors of Biology at HutchCC.

Biology Professor Mark Nolen discusses the new Biology Club, which meets every two weeks on Thursdays at 5pm

“There had been a biology club years ago,” Nolen said. “Since I have been teaching here, there had been no sponsors for it. We eventually restarted the club.”

While the main focus of the club is on biology, there are opportunities to explore various science-related topics.

“It’s not necessarily just biology students,” Nolen said. “We are trying to get anyone that is interested in biology.”

The club partakes in plenty of different activities, including visits to zoos, nature centers, and museums. However, Nolen encourages the students to come up with their own ideas in regards to the activities and trips for the club. 

“It’s a student-led group,” Nolen said. “Rather than me telling them what to do, I want them to have fun and just do stuff biology-related. We want the students to take it in whatever direction they want to.”

A possible activity for the club would include inviting speakers from a science field to discuss research with the students and give insight into their career field.

“We call it the Biology Club right now but it doesn’t have to be just biology,” Nolen said. “It’s just a good way to get involved, make a club your own, and do what you’re interested in doing related to science.”

en’s love for biology, he wants students to have one take away which is that Biology is something that you can go out and see. It is all around you.”

The club meets once every two weeks, on Thursday evening at 5 p.m.

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