By Caleb Spencer / Staff Writer

The weather as of late has decided to fluctuate heavily, hitting pleasant highs and teeth-clattering lows.

As of Wednesday, the forecast from Saturday to Monday drops 35 degrees, from a high of 71 degrees to 36 degrees in that short span of time, according to The Weather Channel. 

These extreme shifts in weather have made some Hutchinson Community College students frustrated, particularly those not accustomed to the wild Kansas weather.

“I’ll have to wear a big coat to class in the morning, but if I’m in anything heavier than a jacket in the afternoon I’ll melt,” said freshman Bart Neville from Andale about the recent bizarre weather.

Neville isn’t the only one who feels this way – you can find plenty of people having similar feelings online with ease, and with Sunday’s forecast having a high of 61 degrees and a low of 24 degrees, it will be a problem for students with early morning classes but finish their day in the afternoon.

“I’ve had to start waking up 30 minutes early to let my car warm up before I leave,” said freshman Trevor Martin from Andale about his daily commute to HutchCC.

This problem only increases in severity for students that have farther and farther commutes to class, and the extended forecast currently does not call for a sudden break from the early-morning cold anytime soon.

This weekend hosts the highest temperatures of the entire month of November, but Science Magazine reported that most weather forecasts are only accurate through the next 10 days, so there’s hope yet that warmer weather may come soon. 

Enjoying the cool highs can be difficult considering the freezing cold temperatures that Kansas can throw together on the same day, but this isn’t a new challenge to most Kansans. This week’s annoyances will become next week’s norm, as it always seems to do with Kansas winters.

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