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Sometimes good things just fall apart and we can’t fix them, no matter how much we care about them. Any type of relationship is hard, you never know what the other is thinking or how they’re feeling.

Either both of you are at least somewhat decent at communication or you’re both on a different page at all times. 

Outgrowing the people you’ve come to know and love is always hard. It seems like you’re throwing something so special off the side of a cliff just to watch it shatter into a million pieces.

The last thing you want to do is feel like you’ve tossed someone to the side or worse, feel like YOU’VE been tossed away. But sometimes you can’t live the life you need to when someone is there constantly belittling the new friends you’ve made, the new relationships you’ve formed, or even your own attributes. 

Jealousy is a dangerous thing, and you need to make sure that any decisions you make about moving on from something are out of jealousy or if you actually have a reason to be upset and taking it out on said person. 

It’s OK to outgrow relationships, friendships, and situations that aren’t beneficial to your growth as a person. 

People change. Things change. There’s nothing negative about evolving. It’s OK to progress gracefully into the next chapter of your life. 

The more you resist change, the more problems you’ll experience. You can’t force people to grow. You can’t expect everyone to evolve with you. 

Don’t lose your energy trying to improve others who don’t want to grow as a person. It’s not your responsibility.

Sometimes, the old connections expect you to remain the same because it’s comfortable. When you start to change, it challenges the dynamic of that connection. If you don’t grow together, you’ll grow apart. And that’s where sometimes good things just fall apart.

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