By Caleb Spencer / Staff Writer

Intramural sports are a great way to get involved in Hutchinson Community College activities and meet new people.

On top of this, it’s an easy and fun way for people who aren’t involved in sports to stay fit and active. The appeal of intramural sports has lead to a growth in participation over the years.

Rex Teh, a sophomore at HutchCC, said he has enjoyed his experience with the different intramural activities.

“I met lots of new faces and we definitely built our friendship throughout the season,” Teh said.

Teh participated in sand volleyball earlier this semester and plans on continuing with indoor volleyball.

The current intramural program hasn’t been around for long. It has undergone major changes this year.

“(There was) flag football and that’s all,” said Katy Spencer, a former HutchCC student that attended the college from 2014 to 2016.

Through the last few years, the intramural sports program has grown to include many different activities.

The development of the intramural program can be attributed to Justin Riggs, who organizes each competition for the program.

Riggs, who is also the HutchCC cross country coach, has been able to add more and more competitions to the intramural program over the years, with eight different leagues available in this semester alone.

With sand volleyball and flag football ending recently, six new competitions are starting soon: basketball, indoor volleyball, dodgeball, video games, billiards, and ping pong.

Signing up for the different competitions is easy, and you can find more information on the flyers scattered throughout Parker Student Union.

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