Haunted Horrors Await

Haunted Horrors Await

By Emily Branson / Staff writer

Ghosts are something that have haunted the human mind since the beginning of time.

Ghostly presences can range from many different things, such as a house having strange activity in it, to hearing names called when no one is around. People have different opinions on whether ghosts are real or not. 

Hutchinson freshman Kelsi Hilger is a believer in ghosts and haunted spirits. Her beliefs began when she was helping her aunt and uncle move into a new house. As they moved boxes inside, they kept hearing her family yell their names, but then realized that they hadn’t said anything at all.

“I was just confused,” Hilger said. “I didn’t think much of it.”

As the day went on, Hilger and her cousins continued to hear someone shouting their names, but could not find out who, or what, it was.

“I started to connect the dots,” Hilger said. “Demons will impersonate people to lure them closer to them.”

As the night went on, the strange occurrences did not stop. Hilger awoke to the shrieking of her youngest cousin, Gracie. There was no apparent reason behind the sudden terror.

“The next morning, my aunt and uncle decided to move back to their old house,” Hilger said. “That was the first time that I really started believing in ghosts.”

On the other hand, some people believe that ghosts are not real.

Caitlyn Johnson, Clearwater freshman, has several reasons as to why there is no factual evidence proving the existence of ghosts. For Johnson, her religious beliefs lead her to believe that “ghostly activities” are simply the works of God. 

“I don’t hear voices that sound haunting,” Johnson said. “It’s more like a reassurance. It’s never scary to me.”

Johnson believes that these strange happenings are all part of a bigger picture, one that is not in our hands.

“People talk about how ghosts can sometimes be in the form of someone that they used to know,” Johnson said. “I don’t think that our souls stick around after we die. I just believe that it’s a sign from God.”

Each person has their own beliefs regarding ghostly activities. Whether it’s Hilger’s story of the haunted house or Johnson’s religious practices, society can agree that it is a topic that it will not likely have a definite answer for.

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