By Sam Bailey / Staff Writer

Every year, millions of children around the world get to dress up for one day as their favorite characters and personalities. They get to become whoever they want for a few hours and pretend to be in a universe of their making. 

But why should the fun end when you grow up?

With Halloween right around the corner, students at Hutchinson Community College are in the search for the best costumes that won’t break the bank. 

“I look at movie characters and Pinterest,” Larned freshman Brooke Butler said. “My favorite costume idea is definitely anything to (do) with crazy horror makeup. It is amazing how they can do that.”

Even though the elaborate disguises like what Butler described are seen as impressive and desirable, they are not required for an effective and fun costume. 

Montezuma freshman Tori Powell said she doesn’t necessarily have a favorite costume but said, “I would say that I like costumes that think outside of the box.”

Easy, unique costumes can be cheap, and often, the most outstanding on Halloween. 

There are millions of potential ideas waiting to be shown off. 

For example, you could dress as yourself when you were younger and say you are a time traveler. You can also pick a Disney character and dress in similar colors as them and say you are the character if they existed in the real world. 

If you don’t want to dress up at all, but still want to be included in the fun, simply go as you are and say you are going as your twin or Bitmoji. 

There are hundreds of different cheap costume ideas waiting to be explored, so now the question is, where do you find supplies to create them on a budget? 

“T.J. Maxx has my heart,” Butler said. “I get everything there.”

Powell said she tried to bypass stores altogether.

“I usually try to find stuff that I already have or stuff that other people have that I can borrow to make costumes,” Powell said.

Buying a costume set isn’t the only way to put together an outfit. Simply finding cheap and available clothing pieces and styling them together can make for an effective look worth showing off.

12. Ceiling Fan

Wear a T-shirt with the phrase “Go Ceiling!” It can’t get much easier (or lame) than that! Get some pom poms if you want to go the extra mile.

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