Bring on the cold

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A lot of people around campus are not exactly happy about the fall weather. However, many of us, especially on The Collegian staff, are more than excited for the new season. 

We aren’t the biggest fans of walking outside and immediately sweating bullets. The most desirable temperature, for many of us, is when you can dress in layers. There are so many different styles you can wear with layers too. 

You could dress for comfort in a bunch of sweatpants and sweatshirts. Or you can dress it up with some jeans, a sweater or sweatshirt, all with a jean jacket on top. 

For a lot of people, they love the colder season because of the food. In the winter, it almost seems as if the food becomes more wholesome and filling. But then again, that might just be from our mothers constantly making soup or chili and then saying “here you go honey, I made this with love.”

Speaking of food, don’t even get us started on Thanksgiving, (it is just around the corner you know) and some of us are already excited about it. 

Halloween is this month and all of us are already coming up with ideas for costumes. And we’re coming up with fun things to do with friends. Sadly, this year the corn maze out in Buhler isn’t open, but the rest of it is. The Field of Screams is always a good time if you’re into screaming for however long it takes you to get through the whole thing. 

Winter is a fantastic time because it also means Christmas is getting close. Many of us look forward to this holiday because of the long break between classes. But we suppose going home and spending time with our families and loved ones is a plus too. 

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