By Jake Brown / Staff Writer

If you attend or work at Hutchinson Community College, odds are you know about Denny Stoecklein, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations here at HutchCC.

Stoecklein is a well-known name in the community and has been for some time.

Stoecklein attended Hutchinson Trinity Catholic High School, after which he attended HutchCC, where he learned about true blue excellence. From there, he attended Kansas State University where he got his degree in marketing.

Kansas State wasn’t always his choice, however, as Stoecklein grew up a University of Kansas fan, as some in his family had attended there.

When Kansas didn’t give Stoecklein the credit he thought he deserved, he moved on to Kansas State, who gave him that attention and more.

Stoecklein is a massive Kansas State fan and does not fail to inform anyone around him.

He wasn’t always outgoing and talkative however, as he said that “having to overcome being shy and introverted,” was a pretty tough task for him early on in college.

If you know him, you know he is nothing like this now, but he wanted to make sure to say it wasn’t always this way. His job at the college is a rather large undertaking.

However, his previous gig might make you think otherwise, as his job before this was that of managing the Kansas State Fair.

Stoecklein spent 20 years before coming to the college as the fair’s General Manager, dealing with things such as fair exhibitors, legislators, performers and much more.

“The stress level is quite a bit lower at the college,” Stoecklein said. “Even the most demanding days don’t compare to some of those days [at the fair].”

It’s also worth pointing out that Stoecklein said he knew what he wanted, as far as a degree goes, pretty early on. However, it was the job choices he didn’t foresee. He made it clear that his job at the fair was never something he imagined doing in college or even a few years after. Same goes with the college.

“I wasn’t looking for a change, but it appealed to me at the right time and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Stoecklein has a wife of 28 years, Michelle, and two kids, Jordan, a HutchCC and Kansas State graduate who lives in Manhattan and works for Champion Teamwear, and Ryan, a senior at Fort Hays State University who previously attended and played baseball at HutchCC.

Five things to know about Stoecklein:

  • Musical Taste: 80’s Rock – Queen, Boston, Styx, Chicago, Reo Speedwagon, etc.
  • Tries to avoid music involving Paul McCartney (if you want to know why ask him between classes anytime)
  • Favorite concert memory is Styx performing 15 September 2001 and trying to figure out flight options, due to the 9-11 attacks.
  • Makes fantastic cookies.
  • Doesn’t know who Brad Hallier is.

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