The way that the students over at Maize High School have reacted, all over a change in the graduation cap and gown color, honestly just upsets me. Maize High taking the initiative to make everything neutral so their non-binary student wouldn’t feel pressured into picking a gender. 

Maize even released a statement that says the change’s intention was a vision of unity and that they want all students to feel “included, welcomed, and respected.” I think that sounds amazing, but to a lot of the students, they felt it was ruining the “schools tradition.” 

I read a tweet that said “What started off as us wanting to keep a maize tradition turned into your feelings about the LGBTQ.. that’s mental”. 

To the person who tweeted this, I’m sorry but “school tradition” my a–. You know, most people butthurt over the change don’t care about simple color or are even worried about “tradition”. It gives them an excuse to be homophobic and transphobic out loud for everyone to see and hear, disguised as school spirit. 

I feel so much sadness for the student that this was implemented for, because the scrutiny they’ve faced over these petty children. I wish we could live in a society where it’s OK to be yourself at a young age without scrutiny. I commend the school for seeing that this will benefit so many students struggling with their identity, to feel included and accepted. 

I don’t even see a point in having students be seperated by gender when it comes to cap and gowns. I think everyone wearing the school’s predominant color together gives a good message to them, they’re all equal. 

High school is a time ruled by cliques and a hierarchy of popularity. Graduation represents starting anew, having this future that you can mold for yourself. You can change the narative of which you live your life by. So yeah, I think everyone being the same on the day that changes your life is a good idea. 

So many students have also posted anti-gay and anti-trans rhetoric, saying it’s a “choice”. I don’t think I even need to rant about how wrong and upsetting that is. 

No one cares about tradition until change from “tradition” comes with change from outdated and offensive action. 

Emily Fehrman is a Pretty Prairie sophomore studying Journalism

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