By Pablo Sanchez
Campus Editor

With graduation in a week, Hutchinson Community College students may have questions still about what they need to do to finish their degree or certificate, and what credits will transfer to the next school they go to.

Christina Long, who works is in the Records Office at HutchCC, assists students with what they need to know.

“If a student is leaving HutchCC and transferring to a four-year university, they need to have their official transcript sent to that university for evaluation,” Long said. “There are some things in place that help students make sure that their credits will transfer.”

When it comes to transferring credits, it can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be stressful when they don’t go through.

“It can be (stressful) and that’s why the Kansas Board of Regents protection has been very important to the state of Kansas the universities,” Long said. “Our students were at their mercy when they transferred to universities … one student’s college algebra might transfer to K-State because they are in college secondary education, but college algebra might not transfer to K-State if they were in the college of engineering.”

Graduation is scheduled for May 10 at the Sports Arena, and whether students are transferring and graduating, or finishing with their degree or certificate, Long said it’s an important event for all.

“I feel like it’s very special event,” Long said. “We have all our faculty members, our board members, all of the college administrators, so people like myself … are all there that night and our robes and regalia to create an atmosphere that is celebratory for all our graduates. We put on a very nice ceremony. We usually have about 500 students attend that ceremony. It takes about an hour and 45 minutes from start to finish

Long said students who are attending should have paid $25 for graduation gowns that can be picked up in the bookstore if they haven’t done so.”

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