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Game of Thrones has been a love of mine ever since the first season, so naturally I know just about everything there is to know about the famous HBO show.

Sadly this is the last season and honestly I am not prepared for all our favorite characters to die by the end of the show.

After just seeing how pumped I was over the last season and all the theories for the end of it, our lovely instructor suggested I drag a few staffers into the pit that is Game of Thrones.

I asked Cody Schroder and Jared Shuff to join me in this journey and to say the least I don’t think either one of them enjoyed the experience.

Cody and I are good friends and I’ve made him watch a few later episodes. So I already knew he wasn’t a fan of the show but I thought it’d be pretty fun to torture him.

Jared was pretty much baffled by the content of the show, mainly all the violence, sex, and the incest (ok there’s only one pair of siblings that do that but I mean it’s still not a cool thing to do so I get why it made him uncomfy) (not trying to justify incest it’s real gross but just keep in mind the time period this is set it).

I am really into time period shows and fantasy type of stuff so this show is just a nice entertaining show. It’s got a great plot and central theme but also when I’m watching it I don’t feel like I’m losing any brain cells.

Throughout the whole first episode we mainly just watched Jared’s reactions to the death or anything vulgar that happened. “Oh wow…um ok…interesting….why is this happening…MAKE THEM STOP….why do they have to kill so many people…” is just a few of the things he said over the course of the full episode.

If you’re into fantasy/time period type of show that is wildly interesting and constantly making you second guess just about everything you’ve learned in the show, then this is definitely the show for you!

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