We stand by our stories

The Hutchinson Collegian stands by our previous newspaper regarding catcalling on campus. Catcalling has not only been an issue, but for many years it has gone under the rug with little to no action taken.

And though it is prevalent on pretty much all college campuses, Hutchinson Community College shouldn’t use that excuse to not do anything about the matter.

Some previous students who now attend four-year schools have come forward and stated that HutchCC’s campus is worse about catcalling and that they feel safer on their campus (Fort Hays State University and Wichita State University were mentioned in public messages sent to us on Twitter).

One current student said that she switched to online schooling because she felt it was safer.

Another message to us indicated a 14-year-old girl used to walk home from Hutchinson High School, but she switched routes due to her being catcalled while walking on HutchCC’s campus.


We stand with the innocent

We are with the women being catcalled and harassed, and with men who don’t catcall and might get mixed in with others by association.

We understand that not all in one group or team is responsible, and that there are others outside of athletics, or on different teams, who participate in offering lewd comments at women, but if you feel that your team is being singled out as the ones who catcall, look at the situation at hand and tell your teammates or friends to knock it off. Stand up for women being publicly humiliated. Show that you can be decent human beings. Please.

Stop taking sexual harassment as a joke and start proving yourselves worthy of being honorable men.

We were not expecting the outcome from the last edition to be directed to the women who came forward. It was to prove the issue of catcalling and send a message that this has to stop.

To those who do catcall, or worse, and continue to do so, quit blaming the ones who were courageous enough to come forward and share their experiences. Look at yourself and those around you who do it for fun. Even if women enjoy what you say back home, don’t assume that the women on this campus, or anywhere else for that matter, do too.

We stand for a change

Something needs to change with the discipline regarding catcalling because it is such a huge issue on campus.

To have everyone take the sexual harassment courses is one thing, but for them to actually follow through with it and reflect what they learn is a completely different thing.

We urge those with the authority to take action and help students feel safer and happier on campus. This starts with all of us – the Board of Trustees, administration, athletic coaches, instructors, advisors, campus security, campus clubs and students. We all need to discuss this issue.

Something needs to be done.

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