By Emily Fehrman
Social Media Editor

Editor’s note: This is a compilation in response to an anonymous survey Hutchinson Community College students were asked to fill out regarding catcalling.

They walked in front of our car coming back from dinner and told us we had to give them our snap chats.

Someone came up to me and grabbed my butt in front of my mother.

Hey Mami, Hey shawty what’s your snap, I want some of that Mexican booty.

Once I was walking down the hall and there was a group of guys all whistling at me and when I tried to just walk by ignoring them one of them jumped in front of me, looked me and up down and then started saying sexual things about me when I proceeded to walk away down the hall.

“They” are football players – every single time.

“You’re ass just keeps getting fatter”

“While at work, I upset a co-worker by upholding company rules, who then threatened to rape me. Oh, I forgot, I’m a male and she was a female, so it doesn’t f——— matter, does it?

“So, let me continue my story. She then threatened to go and falsely report me as raping her so that I would then go to jail and get raped there. She did this in front of my wife and within earshot of our boss. Do you know what her punishment was?

“I f—— got sent home for the day so her crazy ass could calm down!

“F— you with this f——— sexist mysandrist bullshit.

“You won’t publish this because it doesn’t fit your piece of s—, women-as-victim mentality narrative.

“And yes, I’m pissed off. F— all y’all. Response from Brad Hallier, Collegian adviser – We did publish it.”

I was cat-called one time while wearing a dress, the person whistled at me and then made a remark about what he would do if we were alone. How the dress was “easy access” and how it was convenient for him. I haven’t worn dresses or skirts to school since.

Why is this survey only for women? So you can further the idea of “rape culture” against only women? Response from Emily Fehrman, social media editor: We’re not saying that “rape culture” is only against women, this issue is about catcalling, which is specific to women. We understand that rape is a horrendous act that happens to men and women. Never once have we stated that we’re only fighting for the women in the situation, but as of right now, we’re telling their stories. Because they want to be heard, and if any men have been affected by sexual assault and would like to actually be heard we suggest you contact us but not from an anonymous survey where we can’t tell if it’s a joke to you or you’re serious. To us, it isn’t a joke, and for a few of you to come on here and give fake statements … maybe you should contact us to have a civil conversation instead of just telling us to f— off.

I was once followed all the way to Elland from Kent while ignoring this guy who kept asking me for my Snapchat and when I kept walking he continued to call me a dumb bitch and I can go f— myself for not giving my snap chat.

On campus at HutchCC, there was a boy that would cat call me and call me his wife. I ended up having a class with him and he tried to sit by me and would always talk about how we are married.

“You gotta man to tie you down?” First of all, ew. Second of all, EW!

“Hey baby-you look like my daughter…”

It is honestly something I have become so used to that I have learned how to adjust my day to day life expecting this from strangers. Some quotes from specific instances: “nice ass”, “nice tits”, “oh it looks like you left the headlights on”, “oh damn, could you wrap those legs around me” and many, many more.

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