By Amanda Carney
Co-Sports Editor

Injuries are something almost every college athlete has to face at one time or another. However, Hutchinson Community College student-athlete Maryssa Rollin understands this a little too well.

Originally, from Olathe and attending Olathe South High School, Rollin come to Hutchinson to play softball for the Blue Dragons. Not only can she pitch but she can hit with the best of them. For Rollin, staying healthy has been a difficult task. Problems started back before the season even started. The problems continued with a concussion causing Rollin to be out for a week or two.

Then over Christmas break, Rollin had to have her appendix taken out, needing more time to recover.

“I had my appendix taken out over Christmas break, and I wasn’t allowed to do anything for six weeks,” Rollin said.

Finally back at practice, Rollin faced another problem – her knee.

“I was sprinting, and my knee pretty much came out of place and then went back in,” Rollin said with a smile.

There was some more recovery time for Rollin. This was a frustrating time, for not only Rollin but also the coaches, as several Blue Dragons were coming down injured.

“It was frustrating, because I wanted to play, and then every time I got back, I was set back,“ Rollin said.

Finally, following injury after injury Rollin was ready to come back. She slowly worked back into the rotation for pitching and in the batting order.

“When she came back, we just tried to work it in slowly, the pitching and hitting,” HutchCC coach Jaime Rose said. “We were trying to do a relief role in the circle for four or five games, and then come in to be our starter.”

Rose always worries about her players’ health and hopes for the best. But this season has been difficult, but at least the injured players like Rollin are on the mend.

 “Anytime you have any get better and they come back and play well, you always think ‘What if?’” Rose said. “I’m happy with where we are. I always say it’s not about where we started it’s about where we are.”

Now a healthy Rollin has played a total of 10 conference games. She has mashed four home runs and 26 RBIs, and it might only be the start.

“Ready to go to regional and then nationals,” Rollin said about what was next.

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