Tabitha Barr

Catcalling: Rude sexual remarks made by men passing women on the street. Usually “cat calls” are about the woman’s body as a whole or a certain feature. – Urban Dictionary

Or by my definition, the action that some men take to make themselves known to women they have never met.

Let me just say this … don’t.

The (not so) funny thing about catcalling is the excuse men like to make so the action seems innocent. But it will always be disgusting and unneeded, in every context possible.

To put it simple and upfront, men never should/need to compliment a woman they don’t know who is just passing by. Straight up and simple, but for some reason hard to understand for some.

The argument to catcalling is that it’s supposed to come off as a compliment and nothing more. But even then, women do not need, nor do they want, “compliments” from random men they do not know.

I don’t understand the fight behind, “Wow, can’t take a compliment?” when they don’t get the reaction they are hoping for. Instead, men who do this usually get ignored, get the display of a certain finger or a woman who stands up and says that catcalling is a disgusting act.

When they don’t get the response they are looking for, (what are they expecting? For us to marry them on the spot?), they love to play the victim in the situation. I don’t know how these certain male brains are wired, but clearly they need repaired. Because no matter the day, the person, the situation, etc., a “compliment” is just not needed. Therefore, please, for the sanity and safety of women, don’t say anything at all and go about your day knowing you did not creep a girl out with your attempt at getting her attention.

Catcalling is just not necessary. Women do not need a man’s approval on the way she looks. Her appearance should not be a talking point just because a man feels generous to say something about it. We don’t need a man’s opinion to make us feel better, especially not from someone we do not know or do not care to know.

It is straight up inappropriate and crude for men to think women need a “compliment” like that. Women just want to live their lives, and they don’t need random sayings of how “hot” and “sexy” they are. Or the more aggressive catcalls, like marriage proposals, sexual innuendos or the scariest action, stalking.

Women are already facing obstacles that challenge our abilities based on gender. We don’t need an additional reason for feeling unsafe in this world.

I just want to live in a world and attend a college where I don’t hear or experience horror stories of catcalling. We need to teach the world that catcalling is classified as sexual harassment. Therefore, it is a disgusting and punishable action because it makes the world less comfortable and safe for women.

Leave the usage of catcalling in the past and welcome a world where we respect women for being women, and not based solely on their appearance. We are so much more than that.

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