Brenna Eller

I’m not normally one to try things I have never done while being recorded, but last Wednesday was an exception to that rule.

I went out to play golf for the very first time.

Of course, in my “Bad Luck Brenna” way, I had to bruise my shin before I even started golfing. The funny part is that I bruised it with the golf bag since I was apparently carrying it wrong and the bottom kept hitting my leg with every other step.

This historical event happened at Carey Park with some people from the newspaper, including Social Media Editor Emily Fehrman, Digital Content Coordinator Cody Schroeder, and The Collegian adviser, Brad Hallier.

We met up with the Hutchinson Community College golf team, which had agreed to show me how to be the female Tiger Woods. Just kidding, I just really wanted to make contact with the ball.

When we got to the course, I was already a bundle of nerves. I had never golfed before, only played miniature golf once while on vacation in Branson. If my memories serve me right, I was pretty awful at that too.

My only experience with golf was from my years of playing on Wii Sports. That should have prepared me, right? Well, sorry, but the Wii version of golf is absolutely nothing like the actual sport.

I know, it was hard for me to understand too. That’s where I learned my golf lingo too, like bogey and birdie.

Anyways, we went out to putt a few balls on the putting green, and I wasn’t as bad as I initially thought I would be. I overshot quite a bit at times, but for a beginner, it wasn’t awful

The real struggle was the driving range, though, because while I was expecting tees, there weren’t any, so I made quite a few divots in the ground.

I have good softball hand-eye coordination, as I played travel softball and for Little River High School, but not golfing. It takes a certain skill to be a standout golfer.

Speaking of, HutchCC golfer Charlie Crockett gave me a lot of pointers and had the patience of a saint while I didn’t even have patience with myself. l just wanted to smack the crap out of the ball, in all honesty. He was telling me what I needed to work on and showed me the proper way to hold the golf club.

With three people videoing me and about four collegiate golfers watching, I did about what was expected. I hit a couple pretty far, but not straight. I also didn’t really get into my backswing or technique, so hopefully I can go out there again sometime and practice on my own.

My mom said that she always loved to golf when she lived in Atwood, but Little River, the small town I grew up in doesn’t have a golf course, so who knows when I’ll feel like golfing again or where it will be?

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