Pablo Sanchez

Game company Respawn has released a new Battle Royale game called “Apex Legends”, which came out on Feb. 4, and ever since it came out, it has taken over “Fortnite”.

That makes me extremely happy, because I highly dislike “Fortnite”.

Battle Royale games are taking over the industry, and if you don’t know what a Battle Royal is, it is a massive or medium-size map that involves over hundreds of players. The only game mode available for Apex Legends is doing triples with your friends because the game is based of a team based style and you three need to work together to get a win.

I recommend trying Apex out. The download size is not that big, so you don’t have to worry about making room or deleting any games you like to play. There is a total of eight characters, and all of these characters have different abilities. For example, if you decided to play as Bangalore, her special ability is her calling in a rolling thunder of missiles that creep up on the landscape she has other ability’s but you can check that out yourself.

Each character has different abilities that will help you change the tide of your gameplay to your advantage or your disadvantage but it also depends on how you play and how you help your team.

Unlike most Battle Royal games, when you get ready to jump off the aircraft that you are on, you have the option of just jumping single. Well, Apex does have that option, but it is optional to jump by your self, and once you are loading in the game, it will let you know if you are “jump master”. That means you take your squad with you whenever you chose to, or if you don’t feel comfortable jumping, you can simply just change it to someone else.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and get a win.

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