By Pablo Sanchez
Campus Editor

In 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued a Presidential proclamation, declaring the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week.

Now, there’s Women’s History Month, and Hutchinson Community College has had, and currently does, women in prominent roles. One such person is. Tricia Paramore, Department 4 Chairperson, and like many women, Paramore has had many role models who have shaped her.

“There have been many influential women in my life,” Paramore said. “During my undergraduate and graduate school years, Dr. Sally Frost-Mason was a biology professor who had a major impact on my life. I wanted to know everything that she knew and emulate everything she did. She was so passionate about genetics and so great with people. I took all of her classes, worked in her lab, and was a TA for her during grad school. She was my professional role model and over the years became my ‘mom away from home. She later became the Provost at Purdue and then President at the University of Iowa.”

Paramore also singled out her mother.

“I really look up to my mom,” Paramore said. “She is always available to me and to any of her family members. She’s in her mid-seventies and helps take care of my family and her older brothers and sisters. Serving others is definitely her spiritual gift; she’s an amazing example.”

Paramore received her bachelor’s degree and master’s from the University of Kansas. She earned a doctorate in Educational Studies from the University of Nebraska.

Now, she’s Chairperson for HutchCC’s Natural Science, Social Science and Mathematics department. She still teaches General Biology and Biology I.

“I want my students to learn deeply, not just for the moment, but for the long term,” Paramore said.” I always enjoy hearing from former students who are now in grad school or medical school, who call or write to tell me that they used something they learned in my class during their first year of college. I want them to see that their goals are within reach if they are willing to work. Your goals won’t be handed to you – you’ll learn more and be more if you earn what it is that you desire.”

What are 5 things you want students to know about you?

– I love Jesus.

– I think my husband (Lonnie) is the most amazing person.

– I have two awesome kids who are about to graduate from high school (a senior, Payton, and a junior Faith) and I’m having a bit of a hard time with that. Time flies.

– My family is my No. 1 priority.

– I’ve worked at HutchCC since 1996 (WOW) and I work with the best people – hands down.

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