Why do we stay up till 3:30 a.m. every night?

College students tend to stay up very, very, very, late. Or should we say early.

Most of the staff and other college students say that they tend to stay up way later than they should. But they seem to continue this routine every night, even though it will most likely hurt them the next day when they have to wake up. Several of us find it a reoccurring struggle to wake up every single morning, especially when it’s an 8 a.m. class that’s not our favorite.

So, why is it that we stay up super late knowing that it will hurt us later? Well, to be quite honest, we don’t really know. For some us, it’s because we are staying up late doing homework, because it’s the only time of day that we are free. For others, it’s a time to just relax and have fun. There is also the fact that mental health issues contribute to this procrastination to go to sleep. Each reason may seem unreal to those who have semi-normal sleeping schedules, but it’s just a regular occurrence in a college kid’s life.

There’s really no true answer, to this question because everyone’s answer is different or they don’t have an answer at all.

So how do we change our bad sleeping habits into normalized routines? It’s not as easy as it sounds, but we need to be able to turn off our brains somehow, someway. Whether that be turning off our phones, mediating, or just laying our heads down, there is a way for us to finally get a good night sleep. We can do this.

Thank you and good night.

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