Abby Ogle looks to pass the ball during a game against Dodge City at the Sports Arena. Photo by Bre Rogers

By Amanda Carney
Co-Sports Editor

Competitive is not just another word for Hutchinson Community College freshman basketball player Abby Ogle.

Both offensively and defensively, Ogle is competitive. However, this is not the only time Ogle is competitive.

“I try to be as competitive as I possibly can,” Ogle said.

 Ogle grew up with two older siblings and one younger, which only added to the competitiveness. Anytime even so much as Monopoly or Scrabble was brought out, Ogle wanted to win.

“Any game I tend to like to win,” Ogle said. “I don’t really like losing. Any board game I want to win.”

Coming from Baldwin City, Ogle was coming off a Clas 4A Division 2 state championship win, which was bonus for Blue Dragons coach John Ontjes.

“Coming in, Abby was coming in off a state championship, and we thought she could provide a lot for us,” Ontjes said.

While recruiting, Ontjes knew immediately that one word described Ogle – competitive.

“When we recruited Abby, we saw a kid that was very competitive,” Ontjes said. “We saw a kid that played more athletic than she appeared. She does a lot of little things for us, things that teams need, like getting on the floor, getting loose balls, steals for layups. That is what she provides for.”

Since coming to Hutchinson Community Colleged, Ogle has improved has a basketball player especially as a shooter.

“My shot has definitely improved since being here,” Ogle said. “I was not a shooter at all in high school, I really didn’t need to. I would drive and pass the ball off. My defense has improved a lot, even though I still foul a lot.”

Ogle’s competitiveness leads to one down side, fouls. Ogle has managed spot in the staring line up helping lead the Blue Dragons to a 25-1 record for the 2018-2019 season. She is averaging 8 points, 3.5 assists and 3.2 rebounds a game

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