The Women’s Corner: “No uterus, no opinion”

by: Tabitha Barr

Tabitha Barr

It is the second week back from Christmas break and I don’t know whether to be happy I get to see all of my friends again, or sad that I have to be up super early for classes. Now I know that most of this paper is going to be “welcome back!” type of articles, but the ones written by yours truly won’t really follow that.

Over break, I had time to gather my ideas and just create what I wanted. And so follows the coming articles and column you will read. If you haven’t already read “The sexist Pink Tax that somehow still exists”, I suggest you check that out first before reading this. My column this week is going to be a follow-up to what was written there, but more focused on one subject.

The fact that tampons and pads are not tax-free or just free in general.

Now, most likely every girl who just read that yelled “Yes!” in their heads without a second thought. And every guy who read it either made a look of disgust and sighed, or knows the struggle and agreed with me. (The second one is the correct answer by the way.)

A woman’s period is something she cannot control. It is a bodily function that happens because the body is doing its job. The fact that women have to pay tons of money for tampons and pads is ridiculous and stupid.

To clearly point out what I’m trying to articulate, a tweet from Meghan Rienks, an actress/Youtuber, says, “you mean to tell me from the age of 11 through, what – my 40s? I am just supposed to accept the fact that EVERY month – there is nearly a week where I’m in so much pain I can’t function? & on top of that, I have to pay TAX on items … so I don’t bleed everywhere?”

It perfectly sums up what is swirling around in my brain. Even if you aren’t a woman who menstruates, I don’t understand how you can see this struggle and think it’s just how it has to be. We physically can’t stop it. Our bodies were made this way. Why should we have to pay for it?

I think that argument that boils my blood the most is that Viagra isn’t taxed but tampons and pads are. What even is that? It just makes me so angry and sad to see the double standards are society holds. Men do not need Viagra. But women need tampons and pads. Viagra is something for a sexual desire. It is not something that keeps them from living their day to day lives unlike a woman’s period does unless she has tampons or pads.[Office1] 

It just doesn’t make sense to me how we still have to pay for something that is so essential to life. Because if I don’t have these, I can’t go to work or class or have a social life a full week every month. And since I can’t choose that option because it’s just not feasible, I am paying an immense amount of money every month out of my pocket.

To those who disagree with me, I’d like to know your side. Send an email to The Collegian adviser Brad Hallier at and share your thoughts. You could be featured in a future column.

And to those of you who share my opinion, please stand up and make it known to the public. If we have enough voices, soon they will have to acknowledge us. We can do this.

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