Thanksgiving is the leftovers nobody acknowledges

There are two kinds of people out there. There are ones who start celebrating Christmas on November 1, or even earlier, and then there are those who don’t put up their lights and Christmas tree until either the month of December or right after Thanksgiving.

The only time that Thanksgiving is truly acknowledged is on the day itself. Why is that?

There are very few Thanksgiving decorations in stores. Maybe a dish towel or rags with a turkey on it or themed plates and napkins. The only songs related to Thanksgiving are from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” or are just so unknown that they are never played. All over, there are stores playing Christmas music already.

What holiday is more underrated than Thanksgiving? Even Valentine’s Day seems to receive more credit and that makes no sense.

At least there is the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to show some importance for the holiday. Not everyone may watch it, but most likely they turn the channel on for the background noise while making the Thanksgiving meal.

Family is a huge importance for a lot of people, and Thanksgiving is the time for everyone to come together despite differences and appreciate what you have.

There is also not as much hassle for anyone other than the person responsible for the turkey, but even then, there are other family members who step in and help. Another hassle you don’t have to worry about on Thanksgiving is giving gifts. Instead you give thanks, thus the name of the holiday.

Who doesn’t look forward to the holiday you can stuff your face and then take a nap right after with a football game on television?

If Halloween gets a whole month to itself and Christmas gets three, then why can’t Thanksgiving get more acknowledgement?

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