Dillons app is right on the money

By Pablo Sanchez
Campus Editor

There are many great things about Dillons whether it’s finding out you have a coupon that doesn’t expire until today or tomorrow that is still eligible for use, accessing free downloads and using their Dillons Plus card.

Dillons has an app in the Google Play store that is free and can be downloaded and once downloaded, you have to create an account. The only information needed is your name, email, and address.

After you have completed those steps, Dillons will then ask you to use your Plus Card. If you don’t already have a Plus card, Dillons will allow you to make one. Then after you get all of your groceries, they will scan it to be used for a discount on your purchase.

A fantastic thing about Dillons is that when you’re busy and can’t find the time to get your groceries, they let you pick out the items you want on their free app to choose from.

Once everything is needed, the total will appear. The only problem I have with this is you can only use Dillon’s Super Market and not any of the other Dillons.

We all love coupons and Dillons does this deal on desktop and on the app, that if you buy a Visa card, you get 4 times the fuel points, more information in the store to find out how it works.

Desktop will allow you to get some free coupons every Friday, there is a set timer for the coupon to last so, you need to hurry.

Since they are many other stores just like Dillons, you can use other ones such as Smith’s Market, Kroger, and many more.

Just be sure to show them the Plus card and more coupons will be available for use. The application does offer customer support and, you can give fee back or let them know what issues you’re having and they will respond back within a few hours. This app will benefit college students and adults, because it gives you a spending limit on what you need to buy, so what are you waiting for? Go and get some coupons and get some fuel points with the Dillons app!

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