This week has been absolute hell when it comes to dealing with my car.
They say “three times a charm”, and in my case, that is false in a way because my second car is still running, but it has major issues.
Before we get into what is wrong with car No. 3, let’s look back to my first pride and joy, my Ford Escort.
The Ford Escort was the first car I ever owned, and I was so proud when I got it because I used my own money that I worked hard to earn. Elwin (the car’s name), lasted a whole summer before it had enough of me. One day my sister, our cousin and I were doing what teens did in Kingman, driving around town blaring music way too loud and having a good time.
We got down to the park to a random intersection that I had to stop at to let another car go by and that was a mistake. I hit the gas to go and Elwin said, “No.” At first, I thought it was my battery, but I realized that it wasn’t the battery because all the lights still came on.
The three of us pushed Elwin out of the roadway and got ahold of my parents. My parents pushed my car to the shop, only to find out the timing belt broke and the repair would cost almost $800 to fix. I didn’t have that kind of cash, so we just handed my car off to one of my co-workers, so they could fix it up and do with it what they wanted to.
Car No. 2. Surprisingly it is still running. That poor thing has more than enough issues and it is still hanging in there.  The shocks need replaced, the transmission is starting to go, the engine light will not go away no matter all the repairs, the battery was giving us hell but with a replacement it is working just fine now. The sunroof broke and won’t open anymore, the radio eats CDs every so often but thankfully it spits them out. The oil leaks bad and that has been fixed once before. And don’t get me started on the awful gas mileage.
All-around, this car has had it rough but I know its there if I need it.
My sweet, sweet Kia Optima came into my life about a month ago. Not only was I blessed with a car, but in purchasing the Kia, I helped the previous owner pay for his college diploma that he hasn’t been able to get his hands on for almost a year since he graduated.
Needless to say, it made me feel good about getting the car.
When I first got it, the alignment wasn’t, and still isn’t, the best. It pulls to right badly.
On Tuesday, I took it to an alignment shop in Hutchinson, and I get a call from the guy who looked at my car and he said that I need to get both of my struts replaced, and both of my front tires replaced before I can get the alignment.  All together costs, $688.
I do not have that kind of cash to spend, with the tag due at the end of the month. My stress has increased so much with finals just around the corner and adding the car expensive on top of it all has in fact made this hell week and hell week is going to turn in to hell month real fast.

Emma Cox

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