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For many years we have seen Broadway musicals turned into Hollywood films. Some of the most famous include, Chicago, The King and I and West Side Story. Recently, a trend of turning movies into Broadway musicals has emerged. And yet, there are still lots of musicals that deserve their moment on the silver screen. Here are a few of my personal choices:

Hamilton: Perhaps the biggest musical of the 21st century, Hamilton would have no problem selling out movie theatres across the country. Hamilton is the story of young Alexander Hamilton and his fight for our nations freedom from King George. The musical is famous for having characters from history (such as Aaron Burr and George Washington) rap about the current political climate. Many (myself included) would be itching at the chance to see this Broadway smash in a film reinvention. Perhaps it would only work if show creator, and Alexander Hamilton himself, Lin Manuel-Miranda came to reprise his role.

American Idiot: Using the music of the punk rock band, Green Day, American Idiot tells the story of three young men who decide to abandon home and engage in their “own private war.” The show features elements of drug use, military propaganda, love, and loss all with the backdrop of an early post 9/11 world. With show stopping music numbers like “21 Guns” and “Holiday” the musical is high energy and ignites the rebellious flame inside us all. Personally, I would love to see Darren Criss, Johnathan Groff and Skylar Astin play the leading roles. While you may not be able to see American Idiot on the silver screen, you can come see it at the college April 12 – 14th in Stringer Fine Arts. Tickets on sale now!

Dear Evan Hansen: The most recent winner of the Tony for Best Musical, Dear Evan Hansen paints a picture of a young man trapped in a lie after a classmate commits suicide. The musical features lyrics and score by two of Broadways youngest talent writers, the dynamic team Pasek and Paul, the same team that brought the music of La La Land and The Greatest Showman. The musical is a dark yet accurate look into the lives of several high school students and how social media can either help you in your darkest moment, or spread your deepest lie. Captained by a powerhouse performance by star Ben Platt, the movie adaptation would have my ticket money in a heartbeat.

The Book of Mormon: The hilarious show that won the 2011 Tony for best musical, The Book of Mormon showcases some fish-out-of-water missionaries that journey to Africa to spread the word of Christianity. The show was partially conceived by Matt Stone, who also co created South Park. This show still sells out touring venues even though it has been off Broadway for a few years, and would probably sell out many theatres. The dark, often blunt comedy of this show would bring laughs and joy to any audience member, Broadway fan or not.


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