Recently, a new feature, Student Self-Service, has been added on DragonZone that allows students to access and print transcripts, view enrollment history and review student loan information amongst other features.

Christina Long, Hutchinson Community College Registrar, worked alongside the IT department to develop the new program which she hopes will make accessing records easier for all students.

“I’m very excited to release this new opportunity for students,” Long said.

For quick access to Student Self-Service, log into DragonZone and select the verification option under the Academics tab. You will then be brought to the page which lists all available options and if you would like to launch the Student Clearinghouse program.


  • Print enrollment verification certificates for health insurers and other organizations
  • Find out when deferred notices were sent to your student lenders
  • View your enrollment history
  • View the proofs of enrollment sent on your behalf to student service providers
  • Get a list of your student loan holders
  • Link to real-time information on your student loans
  • Order a transcript or view the status of previous transcript requests
  • Print “Good Student Discount” certificates to obtain discounts from auto insurers and other companies
  • Provide proof of enrollment to companies to obtain educational discounts on course-related software


“The certificate that you’re going to get by accessing this Student Self-Service area is very official looking,” Long said.

Many students in the past had issues with other information printed from DragonZone not looking professional. The Student Self-Service program solves this problem.

“These come out very professional and are based upon what the student asks for,” Long said.

Prior to this program, students would have to go to the information center in order to get a form to signed. Acquiring the verification forms used to be a 24-hour process but, with this new feature that is free to students, the waiting process is eliminated and student information can be accessed any time of the day or night.

“All students are going to need their transcript at some point either to provide to an employer or to a future college that they are interested in attending,” Long said. “The transcript ordering process makes it easy for a student to go to one location to get the documents they need sent.”

Long had been working with the IT department for 6 months in order to complete all of the necessary behind-the-scenes work. The program was finally released mid February, they had to take all the steps necessary and make it ready for Dragon Zone

“this is the last piece of software, in the group of national clearing house of students that provide for us, there are electronic projects that are occurring in the records office and we are trying to transition the graduate questionnaire for and to over the electric documents, the records office is always working to improve services for students and I’m sure we will come up with something”

Pablo Sanchez

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