By Amaelle Caron

On Feb. 23 an email was sent to each HCC student with a hyperlink to training named “Think About It.”

Each student is to complete it by April 15.

The training is about sexual harassment, partner violence, stalking, and sexual consent, as well as the laws that protect and defend you against these felonies. The course has real examples of sexual harassment and sexual consent in short, interactive videos and quizzes.

The experience is different for each student because there are many versions of the course. The most used topic is sexual consent.

“It is a great learning tool but only if people are taking it seriously,” said Sherry Matthews, McPherson.

“It does ask a lot of questions, but I don’t think they are too uncomfortable,” she said.

The course asks very personal questions. The answers are sent anonymously. Some of the questions ask how many times you had sex in the last three months, and how many times you used condoms, or how many different people ,you had sex with.

The training goals are to make students more aware of sexual harassment and make them able to recognize those situations and what to do in case it happens to them or a friend.

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