By Casey Jones

In modern society, many people believe racism to be a thing of the past.

However, with the rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign, it is clear that this is not the case. In fact, a world that is free of racism may never come to be.

There have been societal problems between different ethnic groups throughout the course of history, but why is that?

The answer is simple: people are different. There are many causes for those differences.

A large variety of cultural backgrounds exist to influence opinions and traditions in people, but that isn’t the largest factor.

The largest benefactor of perpetual racism, is the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to become true.

Simply put, it is what fuels the mind set of “If that’s what people take me for, then that’s what I’ll be.”

This has such a huge effect on minorities because majorities are easily influenced.

The only true way to end racism is to end this mind set. Because of the self-fulfilling prophecy, racists see it and begin to believe that their mind set is true.

Not all African-Americans are gangsters. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all white people are racists.

These stereotypes need to end, and by allowing the self-fulfilling prophecy to live on, it perpetuates forever.

Racism won’t end until everyone works together to end it.

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