By Shelby Horton

Dear Shelby,

What causes a girl to be seen as a whore? Is it sleeping around too much, or can it also be because a girl dates too much?

Dear Concerned,

The definition of whore is a person who works as a prostitute.

That is it. The definition says nothing about a woman or man who has sex with multiple people, for no payment. It doesn’t include dating frequently and not committing.

College is a time where you and many other students are learning about yourselves.

This also involves learning what kind of person is right for you in an intimate relationship— in and out of the bedroom.

Whore is just a word people use out of anger when their vocabulary is so small and they can’t make a valid argument or even a witty comeback.

Dear Shelby,

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about two years, and we’ve even started talking about marriage.

But lately I’ve found myself attracted to another girl, and I’m developing a huge crush on her.

Am I technically cheating on my girlfriend by having a crush on another girl?

Dear divided,

It is completely normal to find someone pretty, or even attractive other than your current partner.

However, what you do with these feelings is a different matter entirely.

It depends on your definition of cheating.

Some people believe cheating only happens if you commit a physical act with someone other than your partner, while others believe cheating starts with a thought of someone, in a sexual way, who is not your partner.

Whatever your definition is, keep this in mind: If your feelings for this other person start to consume your mind and exceed your feelings for your current partner, maybe it’s time to end your relationship with your current partner.

Dragging someone along when you don’t have the same feelings for them is disrespectful to that person.

Dear Shelby,

Is sex in porn and movies portrayed realistically? As a virgin, is this what I should study to know what I should expect for my first time?

Dear First timer,

Sex in porn and movies is an unrealistic portrayal of intimate relationships between two consenting adults.

Every person’s body is different. For example, in some cases, for women, sex is painful, while other women don’t feel any pain.

So when you experience your first time, you’ll have an experience that is unique to you.

Also, don’t expect it to be perfect.

Makeup will be smeared, hair will be caught on or stuck to your face in unflattering ways, and your partner will probably have a few physical flaws just like you will.

But it can still be a beautiful and wonderful moment with the right person and protection.

Remember, movies and porn are just fantasy and the people are just actors.

Dear Shelby,

Are sex apps a good idea?

Dear Dirty Apple user,

Sex apps can seem to be a fun and adventurous tool to use in your daily life, since there are so many options available with freedom of sexual expression.

These apps can range from hook-up dating, to sexual position guides, to even digital sex dice.

Some of these apps can be very helpful such as the “safe sex tips” app which answers questions users have about safe sex and protecting themselves from sexual transmitted diseases.

However, I wouldn’t recommend downloading these apps, since other people may happen to look at your phone and know a little more about you than they wanted.

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