By Lariena Nokes
Melinda Dome/Collegian
The changing face of education means that the way people learn also changes over time. Books and classrooms with teachers leading the course of study are still vital and important to the process of learning.

Many classes are offered online or in hybrid form combining online lessons with limited classroom instruction. However, there are new options proving valuable for learning in the classroom environment.

Textbooks come with a huge amount of information and a growing cost to colleges and to students.

One way to mitigate the cost of textbooks would be to cull the number of books required for core classes and require students to attend each on campus class with a standardized notebook computer device.

For example, English Composition could stop requiring the grammar book in favor of a computer notebook device and not have to confront the computer lab issues that have students migrating from room to room to compose and research essays and writing projects.

When students are allowed to get the full measure of instruction out of a given class the instructional time can be better used by teachers and students.

The advantages of having the material on hand to study the subject and complete the work have been successfully demonstrated by other local K-12 schools.

This option allows for the best of both worlds, in class instruction from good teachers and the freedom to study and research in the classroom.

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