By Casey Jones

Hutchinson Community College will be hosting a job fair Wednesday, Feb. 24, in collaboration with the new website that is available to students — CareerZone.

The career fair will be at 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Hutchinson Sports Arena.

There will be a crowd of area employers looking for prospective employees, both while in college and for when the students graduate.

Employers will include KansasWorks, Dillon Stores, the City of Hutchinson and others.

Students wanting to attend will need to sign up via the CareerZone site, which can be accessed using the student’s nine-digit student ID found on the HutchCC photo ID or in DragonZone.

Once in the site, a prompt should come up immediately on the site inviting the student to attend the “Career Connections Job Fair – 2/24/2016.”

To sign up, click the prompt, which will open a new tab, and click the “I’m going” button.

On this page, information will also be available for students, alumni, community mem-bers, and employers.

In the job seekers area, students can find a list of employers and what booth or table they will be in.

With this event, students will be able to connect with local employers and establish connections for current or future jobs.

These connections are able to secure future employment and allow students to be at ease when their college careers are coming towards an end.

This way, students can know that they have somewhere to go for a job to help repay any student loan debt, or to buy that new car.

Students are encouraged to attend, even if they currently have jobs.

Establishing future career plans is simply a must in the current economy.

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